Thursday, March 14, 2013


Dr. Deepak Gupta  
Vena clinica
16700 Bayview  Newmarket, ON L3X 1W1
(905) 953-0980

If you are considering laser surgery for varicose veins, then don’t even think of
I went through there surgery and I lost a bundle of cash, as well as the condition of varicose veins became rather worse. Doctor Gupta, the surgeon of EVLTTM, is entirely responsible for this. gave me neither any compensation nor further treatment for the faulty surgery. This company is just greedy; they don’t have any headache about what their patients are going through. You can take my words, if you get a surgery from them, it will make your life a pit hole of hell. There are many good clinics that are successfully completing laser surgery for varicose veins, with a reasonable fee. Find the right one near you and have a safe surgery. 

Here is how the surgeons of EVLTTM made me suffer- that surgeon Gupta told I will completely recover from the surgery just after 3 months. The time of healing won’t be longer than this. This is a lie. It took me about 4-5 months to get recovered; and sometimes I could still feel the pain, though it was slight. Moreover, there is no change in the appearance of my varicose veins; as like as before, they are still visible. Although laser surgeries are quite pricey, I went for it by thinking I will not have to live with varicose veins anymore, but I was wrong. The cost of laser surgery of EVLTTM is five thousand CAD. Apparently this is a lot of money. I could have a rather good result if I would get the surgery from the hospital. In addition, the hospital charge for such surgery is not so high.   

The aftermath of the laser surgery done by Dr. Gupta of EVLTTM is not ended yet; because of the foil surgery, now scars are also visible on my skin. EVLTTM didn’t offer any compensation or additional therapy for the scar caused by their failed laser surgery. Dr. Gupta gave me a piece of mind when I complained him about the scar. All of your hopes will be gone if you deal with this company. EVLTTM will talk sweet before the surgery, but when it’s done, you will see their true face. No cooperation will be available from their side. As well as that they would behave impolitely. You can’t even sue them, because certain patient-doctor agreement will be signed to make sure the patient can’t take any legal action against EVLTTM or any of its surgeons. 

Now people can easily notice some needle scars on my leg resulted by that inefficient surgery. Now I think I was better with my varicose veins, at least I didn’t have these additional scars. I don’t think they did anything except making the condition even worse. Because the spider veins on my both foots are visible as well. A vein disease like varicose veins can’t be taken loosely, though that’s what EVLTTM did. Now I have to live with the mental and physical pain of those scars as well as varicose veins for the rest of my life. From my experience, people should be aware of EVLTTM

EVLTTM claims there would be no postoperative pain, but in my case I felt some painful hours. I had to take painkiller too. Apparently, all the benefits of laser treatment described by EVLTTM on the website are to mislead people. The reality is EVLTTM doesn’t have the required experience or expertise in treating a vein disease like varicose veins. They are nothing but a fraud which is endangering many peoples’ future with reckless treatment. 

Please pass this information to others who still don’t know about EVLTTM. Otherwise EVLTTM would make them suffer as well. If you lost some money, you can earn them again but it is impossible to compensate for any physical damage; and after getting mistreated once, a person has to live with limitless mental stress. 

Unlike EVLTTM, good surgeons and clinics also exist. As a sufferer I know the difficulty of living with varicose veins, but impatience can lead you to an unskilled clinic like EVLTTM that is indeed well enough to make you suffer more. Then, all you have left to do is nothing but regretting for the mistake.



  1. Doctor Gupta isn't a excellent physician and the staffs there are not considerably warm and friendly. The surgeon failed to handle blue veins in my mom's thigh. Because of this, symptoms of blue veins have emerged even after the medical procedures has been done. Scar issues have appeared due to the failure. Even now she is suffering, although doctor Gupta repeatedly confirmed us that the method is not prolonged, and speedier than another aesthetic laser surgery, that isn't correct. Other sorts of facilities similar to parking are not standard. I would not advise this medical center to any one anymore.

  2. I was given lack of care from both the doctor and the personnel. I'd rate their service as below standard.

  3. 17 months back, I had a surgery from Vena Clinica under Dr. Deepak Gupta. Preceding the medical procedures I was told that there is absolutely no likelihood of after surgery complications. But the matter of regret is despite the surgical process my left and right foot spider veins are obvious. I had to compensate $5000 for a futile surgical procedure performed by Dr. Gupta.

  4. Everyone in search of excellent varicose vein surgery can rather have the surgical procedure done from the hospital. A hospital surgery is excellent and expenses are fewer than Vena Clinica.

  5. At the outset I wasn't considerably determined to take the surgery for varicose vein as it could damage my professional career, but having received confirmation it needs 90 days at the top for complete healing I had gone for the laser surgery. Dr. Deepak Gupta was my cosmetic surgeon, who claims to be the most effective for varicose vein therapy. Although value was superior for a lower middle class like me, I did not think twice by considering upcoming life. Well, it took 5 months for recovery; and during this time I was all alone sitting on my couch. The additional 8 weeks cost me pay cut, criticism and bad reputation which are now working as barrier to my career progress. What else can I call it other than luck that I have not lost my job.

  6. I am feeling really sorry to hear this. There are many who invest all of their earning for such expensive surgical procedures. So, what is more disappointing if the surgical procedure turns into a capitulation?

  7. Do sue them all , demand not only your money back but reimbursement.They can't go away right after this kind of menace.

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  9. I have surgery to repair my vein the back again what up that the said be having beautiful leg all my vein go away I have more vein before is my leg hurt bad anyone want filled a class action iam in is was wasting alot money for nothing my email is

  10. I think the sclerotherapy is the best for the varicose vein treatment.