Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Avoid WWW.EVLT.CA At Any Cost

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Vena clinica
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Most of the varicose veins sufferers always try to find a method of getting rid of varicose veins permanently and completely. Amongst the vein diseases, this one makes people suffer both mentally and physically. Thus, it takes strong will to deal with such a disease. Fast as the technological advancement today, varieties of procedures are discovered to heal this disease in full length. That’s indeed good news for the people who are suffering from varicose vein. Now, one can easily rid this disease, thereby, can live an easy and normal life.

Although the varicose veins reduction methods are quite effective, the matters of place and person should be taken into consideration; these are the determiners to have a successful and clean surgery. Unless the surgery is successful, it might cause many damaging consequence; and those damages could be so huge that you would probably suffer all lifelong. For this, this is necessary to using insight and being patient. Take your time, do the homework to find out which procedure would be fruitful for you.
Laser surgery is a popular and effective method in eradicating varicose veins. As it is easy, pain free, and takes short length of time while healing, day by day it’s becoming the first choice of patients who has varicose veins. Though the rate of success is more than average, it takes skill and experience to ensure the success of a surgery. A failed or faulty surgery could be harmful; instead of reducing varicose veins you might earn new complications like needle scars or vein scars. So learning about good and bad ones makes difference. There is no way you take the surgery with less care. If you do so, the aftermath wouldn’t be good.

For example, there are clinics like EVLT™ which is notorious for faulty surgery. Many people who went through the surgery of this clinic suffered so badly at last. The surgeons and staffs in this clinic are totally inexperienced. Whether they are well educated on laser surgery, this is doubtful too. But they are still capable of influencing people to get surgery done by them. You may ask why and how? Are they fool or ignorant? Nope, they are not. They are just regular people like you and me. Then what it is! HTTP://WWW.EVLT.CA/, the official website of EVLT™, has added some exclusive features for which any varicose veins sufferer might desire. Furthermore, when you contact them physically, some other benefits would be mentioned by the officials of EVLT™. Most people tend to fall for this. In the realty they are don’t even close to fulfilling those promises or features.

Patients continuously complaining about EVLT™ saying this clinic has no care for their patients. They always keep lying to their patients. As well as that, they don’t take care before and after laser surgery as it was supposed to. Some patients had to wait more than 3 months to completely getting recovered from the surgery. Although it was said by EVLT™ the maximum time of surgery will not take more than three months, people who had surgery from EVLT™ had to sit in house for more than three months. During this period, many of them lost their source of income as well as reputation in the workplace.

Another thing announced on the official website of EVLT™, HTTP://WWW.EVLT.CA/, is that the postoperative pain will be minimal and it would just take 45 minutes to stand on your legs. These words are well enough to mislead people. A good number of people in their statement told they went through heavy and long lasting pain after their surgery was done.

About 60% who got their surgery from that clinic faced failed surgery. That means there was no big change in the situation of varicose veins of those patients. Additionally, the failed surgery caused scars. Scars are visible on the areas of legs even after treating them. Some other got needle scars as well. This type of scar is quite difficult to fade away. Sometimes they could be eternal, making the legs hideous. In other cases, the laser surgery was so failed even the right and left foot spider veins were not healed. For a person with varicose veins, those are probably the most ridiculous as it is always not possible to cover toes.

These are some rough stats. Many more like this could be found as well. Therefore, avoid HTTP://WWW.EVLT.CA/ for surgery. Regular hospital service is better for such a laser surgery.



  1. Doctor Gupta is not a superior plastic surgeon and the staffs there are not quite a bit friendly. The surgeon failed to take care of spider veins in my mother's lower-leg. Because of this, symptoms of varicose veins have emerged even after the surgical procedures has been done. Scars have appeared as a consequence of the failure. Even today she is suffering, the doctor Gupta again and again confirmed us that the practice is not extensive, and faster than every other cosmetic laser surgery, which is not accurate. Other facilities like parking are not standard. I would not advocate this center to just about anyone ever again.

  2. I was given lack of care from both the doctor and the staff. I would rate their services as under average.

    Punctuality: 3/5
    Caring/Helpfulness: 1/5
    Knowledge: 2/5
    The Staff: 2/5

  3. 17 months earlier, I had a surgery from Vena Clinica under Dr. Deepak Gupta. Prior to the medical procedures I was told that there is absolutely no risk of after surgery issues. But the matter of regret is despite the surgery my left and right foot blue veins are visible. I had to pay $5000 for a useless surgery performed by Dr. Gupta.

  4. Any person trying to find top quality varicose vein surgery can go for the surgical procedure done by the hospital. Surgical procedures from the hospital are excellent and expenses a lot less than Vena Clinica.

  5. In the beginning I was not substantially determined to consider the surgery for varicose vein as it may weaken my professional career, but having received caractère it needs 3 months on the top for entire healing I had gone for the laser surgery. Dr. Deepak Gupta was in fact my surgeon, who claims to be one of the best for varicose vein cure. However the cost was large for a lower middle class like me, I did not hesitate by pondering upcoming life. In any case, it took 5 months for recovery; and during this time I had been all alone sitting on my own couch. The added two months cost me pay cut, grievance and bad reputation which are now working as hurdle to my career grow. What else could I think of it as except luck that I have not lost my job.

  6. Now I'm feeling really regretful to know this. There are many who invest their earning for such pricey medical procedures. Thus, what might be more remorseful if the medical procedures turns into a capitulation?

  7. Do file suit them all , demand not simply your money back but reimbursement.They cannot simply go away after this sort of menace.