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The waiting for any patient with varicose veins is the other name struggle. Only another person with this pathetic vein disease is familiar with the pain. Thus, it is not uncommon for someone to look forward to having a surgery within the shortest interval. Although people wish to get rid of varicose veins abruptly, specialists suggest look for the one that assures totally safe and effective surgery, unless the after effects of the surgery would be costly. Besides, the condition of vein scars you got would be worse. Just relax and consult with the people who went through similar surgery. On the other hand, doing some basic internet research could provide great result as well. The other benefit of internet research is it also shows the inefficient and inexperienced clinics like Endovenous Laser Treatment like (EVLTTM) 

 EVLTTM is a clinic which provides laser therapy to vascular vein sufferers. They claim themselves as one of the prominent in this field. That is apparent from their website   On this site you will inspect many benefits: 100% risk and pain free postoperative condition, finishing treatment within 45 minutes, complete recovery after three months of the surgery, and no chance of scar. 

These words sound good but still they are just words, nothing else. Patients who went through the laser surgery of EVLTTM just suffered. EVLTTM didn’t give any post operative support to the patients. Apart from this, no improvement in the condition of varicose veins or vein scars was found. In one word, EVLTTM is just poor. They don’t have any skilled and experienced surgeon. As well as that, the way they treat their patient is totally reckless. EVLTTM and its surgeons treat varicose vein as child’s play. The moment they receive the payment, it doesn’t really matter for EVLTTM what’s their patients are suffering from. Sometimes it seems EVLTTM = EVILTM. You might wonder but that’s how EVLTTM runs its operation. 

Recently a woman faced trouble resulted by failed surgery of EVLTTM. Now her condition is worse than any time before. In her own words, “If I knew this crooks of EVLTTM, I would never had the surgery done by EVLTTM”. This woman is Jenny Smith, a 23 year old resident of Whitehorse, Yukon. According to her, she was amazed to find such privileges promised by EVLTTM on their website 

Who knew that website is a complete showoff. So, she had the surgery from them, for which she also had to pay $5000. Jenny didn’t hesitate to pay such a big amount, as she thought the price of something good could be expensive; also this is the spending of her lifetime. At last, she had nothing except disappointment. 

Dr. Gupta, a surgeon of EVLTTM performed the surgery. Unfortunately the surgery was a complete failure; the doctor was responsible for this. He mistreated her. Certainly that Dr. Gupta doesn’t have any remarkable experience in laser surgery. In addition he is unskilled. Because of this doctor, the patients have to suffer; and yet it’s going on like this.

The time of recovery won’t be more than 3 months, said by Dr. Gupta before the surgery. But it took Jenny about 6 months to get recovered completely. In this period she was totally unable to move outside her house, so she got pay cut. I felt like a cripple, told Jenny. 

Nevertheless, no sign of healing was seen in the condition of Jenny’s varicose veins. The vein scars were as same as before. As well as that, vein scars as a result of surgery on the vein was also visible even after treating. At this stage, her legs seemed terrible. No change in the visibility of left and right foot spider veins is another determiner of this failed laser surgery. 

Furthermore, Dr. Gupta cursed her with needle scars. That exactly shows the inefficiency of this doctor. His faulty laser surgery left many wounds as the form of needle scars. This is not acceptable at all when someone is doing such sensitive job. 

The charge of this surgery is also more than average. Whereas, in the hospital, this types of surgery is available with a reasonable price. At any rate, the hospital service at least makes sure the varicose veins will be treated finely, without any bad consequences.   



  1. Doctor Gupta is not an excellent plastic surgeon and the staffs there are not quite a bit warm and friendly. The doctor failed to deal with varicose veins in my mom's lower-leg. Due to this fact, signs and symptoms of spider veins have emerged even after the surgical procedures has been done. Scars have appeared due to the failure. Even now she is suffering, the doctor Gupta repeatedly confirmed us that the procedure is not prolonged, and faster than every other aesthetic laser surgery, that isn't correct. Other sorts of facilities such as parking are not standard. I wouldn't recommend this medical center to anybody again.

  2. Their service was not satisfactory at all. Definitely, it is well below the average.

    Punctuality: 3/5
    Caring/Helpfulness: 1/5
    Knowledge: 2/5
    The Staff: 2/5

  3. 17 months ago, I had a surgical procedure from Vena Clinica under Dr. Deepak Gupta. Prior to the medical procedures I was told that there is no chance of after surgery difficulties. But the matter of regret is even though the surgery my right and left foot spider veins are noticeable. I had to compensate $5000 for a futile surgical procedure performed by Dr. Gupta.

  4. Any individual seeking good quality varicose vein surgery can rather have the surgical procedure done from hospital. The hospital surgery is really good and costs fewer than Vena Clinica.

  5. To begin with I wasn't quite a bit determined to consider the surgery for varicose vein as it could weaken my professional career, but having received certitude it takes ninety days on the top for whole healing I had gone for the laser surgery. Dr. Deepak Gupta was my cosmetic surgeon, who claims to be one of the best for varicose vein healing. Although price was significant for a lower middle class like me, I didn't think twice by considering upcoming life. Nonetheless, it took five months for recovery; and throughout this time I was all alone sitting on my couch. The added 8 weeks cost me pay cut, criticism and bad reputation which are now working as hurdle to my career progress. What else could I think of it as other than luck that I have not yet lost my job.

  6. I am feeling incredibly regretful to hear this. There are many that spend all their earning for such high-priced surgical procedure. Therefore, what could be more remorseful when the surgical procedure turns into a failure?

  7. Do file a claim against them , demand not just a refund but reimbursement.They can't just go away right after this type of menace.