Wednesday, March 6, 2013

EVLT™ Not Efficient At All

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Vena clinica
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I am Jason M. Maltby, a vein reflux disease sufferer. Few days ago while surfing on the internet, I found a new system called Endovenous Laser Treatment or EVLT™, on      That was a great relief for me, since I was more than desperate to get rid of vein reflux disease. I was living in frustration as I couldn’t show my leg in front of public. Only the sufferers of such a peculiar disease know how much does it cost. So this website was a blessing for me. On the website, EVLT™ described their team of physicians/surgeons as the most prominent in Canada. As well as that, the whole procedure only takes 45 minutes and the pain is minimal. Furthermore, there is no way to have scar, what I was scared of most. You know, scare is really difficult to confiscate and sometimes could be permanent. That was important to me to have a way to cure vein reflux, but in the same time I can’t risk my skin with probable scar. 

Since EVLT™ guaranteed there will be no occurrence of scar, I was ecstatic about the treatment. I made appointment and a physician named Dr. Gupta conducted checking. After two days the doctor himself called me and told that my legs are ready for the treatment. I was happy to think at last a way to rid my legs from vein reflux disease has been found.  

On the due date I reached the EVLT™ clinic in my region. As far as my concern, final checkup is done before any treatment or surgery, no matter how minor it is. That Dr. Gupta didn’t do any checking at all. Lie down son and experience the difference, said he. “Okay doctor but won’t you recheck my legs”? I replied. This time the doctor was a bit of angry I suppose, and told me to follow his instruction because he is the doctor not me! How rude!  

Nevertheless, by the sake of vein reflux treatment, I didn’t protest. I thought who am I to judge the doctor? It took about three hours to complete the whole process. Right after 5 minutes of competition, I started to feel severe pain in my legs. As I informed Dr. Gupta, he replied, it’s natural to feel postoperative pain. The pain will be minimal, that’s what was mentioned on their website; I reminded the doctor. Dr. Gupta became furious, and told that in my life have I ever been through any kind of surgery? Instead of doing something to reduce the pain he told me this. That is really poor. After 5-10 minutes later Dr. Gupta gave me some pain killers. According to EVLT™ I could have gone to my home by the day of surgery, whereas I had to spend a whole day in the clinic.  

What happened next wasn’t even in my worst nightmare! As I was recovering, there were some signs of scars becoming visible gradually. I immediately contacted Dr. Gupta. He didn’t give any importance to my words, he just told me to wait for few more days saying the scars will go away when I will completely recover. He denied checking the scars by telling he doesn’t time for such useless checking as there are many others waiting for their surgery. While I was paying the fee for whole treatment, postoperative checkups are available that’s what was told from EVLT™.  My fault is I did believe them, although the words weren’t included officially. Then I started realizing what these guys are after. They don’t have any expert in this field, and Dr. Gupta seemed completely unskilled to me. 

When my legs were cure, there were apparent signs of scars. Now, my legs look hideous than any time before, though Dr. Gupta assured scars are impossible since it’s a laser treatment. The laser therapy was quite expensive as well. Therefore, it appeared on my mind that Dr. Gupta is a crook, who didn’t only cost me money but also made the situation even worse. Madly I visited EVLT™ and accused Dr. Gupta. This time this dishonest person indicated the fault is my legs’, they were not ready for such laser treatment. This doctor didn’t check my legs’ condition right before the therapy, and now he is telling he is not responsible. This is how EVLT™ treats its patients. Beware of EVLT™ and that Dr. Gupta.  



  1. Doctor Gupta is not a good surgeon and the staffs there are not much friendly. The doctor failed to treat varicose veins in my mom's leg. As a result, signs of varicose veins are seen even after the surgery has been done. Scars have appeared as a consequence of the failure. Even today she is suffering, though the doctor Gupta over and over confirmed us that the process is not lengthy, and quicker than any other laser surgery, which is not true. Other facilities like parking are not standard. I wouldn't recommend this clinic to anyone ever again.

  2. I attained lack of care from both the doctor and the personnel. I'd rate their services as beneath standard.

    Punctuality: 3/5
    Caring/Helpfulness: 1/5
    Knowledge: 2/5
    The Staff: 2/5

  3. 17 months ago, I had a surgical procedure from Vena Clinica under Dr. Deepak Gupta. Prior to the surgical process I was told that there is no risk of after surgery complications. But the matter of regret is despite the surgical process my right and left foot spider veins are visible. I had to pay $5000 for a futile operation performed by Dr. Gupta.

  4. Any one interested in superior varicose vein surgery could rather have the surgical procedure done from the hospital. A hospital surgery is great and charges lower in comparison to Vena Clinica.

  5. At the start I wasn't quite a bit determined to go ahead and take surgery for varicose vein as it could damage my professional career, but having received confiance it needs 3 months on the top for complete healing I had gone for the laser surgery. Dr. Deepak Gupta ended up being my operating doctor, who claims to be one of the best for varicose vein remedy. Although cost was substantial for a lower-middleclass like me, I didn't think twice by considering upcoming lifespan. Anyways, it took 5 months for recovery; and during this time I had been all alone sitting on my couch. The additional 8 weeks cost me pay cut, criticism and bad reputation which are now working as hurdle to my career progress. What else can I think of it as other than luck that I have not lost my job.

  6. I am experiencing really regretful to know this. There are many that spend their earning for such high-priced surgical procedures. So, what could be more remorseful if the surgery becomes a capitulation?

  7. Do take legal action against them , call for not simply a refund but compensation.They can't simply go away after this type of menace.

  8. I have a very large varicose vein on my leg. I had received a first opinion from a vascular surgeon at Sunnybrook Hospital. The cost was 3500.00 for a laser treatment. I was told by Sunnybrook that if my vein did not disappear within 2 months I would have to come back and have my vein removed from my leg through 10 small incisions that would scar. For my second opinion I was referred to Dr.Gupta. He informed me that first he would perform the Laser treatment which would solve the root of the problem than I would continue to return several times for injections afterwards. He quoted me $3000.00. He also said if the vein returned he would take care of it free of charge. Now I am reading these reviews and wondering what I should do. Please help. I have saved up my money for over a year for this treatment and I am a young female who is much too young to have these horrible veins on her leg.